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Grundfos CR 15-1 pump
Grundfos CR 15-1 commercial pump 2 HP. bosster pump 70 gallons per min. 220-single phase standard also available in 3 phase
$1,895.00  $1,695.00
Viqua UV Max C4
Unit designed for whole-house water sterilization. Excellent choice for economical whole-house water sterilization to kill bacteria,viruses, and waterborne cysts. Flow rates 12 gpm, with alarm and light sensor, stainless steel vessel. 3/4"MPT.
$785.00  $595.00
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Activated Water Resin 8% Crosslink
SOFTENING ION EXCHANGE RESIN LIFE - Softening resins, or for that matter all ion exchange resins, life is reduced by Chlorine in the feed water.
$135.00  $98.00
The DOW FILMTEC XFRLE-400/34i reverse osmosis element embodies Dow’s latest innovations in treatment of challenging waters with high biological and organic fouling tendencies such as municipal or industrial waste water or challenging surface water.
$995.00  $895.00
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