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WE 5-75-RO
This RO unit can produce clear, fresh-tasting bottled quality drinking water for the home or office. 5 Stage 75 gallons per Day
$595.00  $350.00
Trojan UV MAX-F
The Trojan UV-MAX series F is great for large homes and commercial needs at 20 to 45 Gallons per minute flow rates stainless steel vessel and alarm system.
$1,595.00  $1,285.00
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FilmTec BW30-440 i
The DOW FILMTEC BW30-440i element is a high-productivity element combining the highest active membrane area available with the high rejection BW30 membrane.
$995.00  $895.00
Hydranautics ESPA 4- 4040
Hydranautics lowest pressure ESPA energy saving membrane offers high productivity of up to 9.46 m3/day and high nominal salt rejection of 99.2% when used on low salinity raw water. 2,500GPD @ 100 psi.
$325.00  $295.00
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