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we 4-50 Residential RO
WE RO 4 stage 50 gallon per day Residential RO Pure drinking water for the home
$398.00  $275.00
WE 525 w/UV
Reverse Osmosis process where water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving certain unwanted substances behind. Therefore, an RO unit can produce clear, fresh- tasting bottled quality drinking water.
$695.00  $485.00
Water filters, water filtration, softeners, reverse osmosis, 
well pumps, water tanks, Ultra Violet, UV and treatment 
systems at prices you can afford.
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Filter Sorb per liter
This is the replacement media for the Anti-Scale Systems. The following is the quantity required for each unit size: 8x44 = 3 liters 9x48 = 4 liters 10x54 = 4.5 liters 12x52 = 6.5 liters 13x54 = 7.5 liters
$165.00  $99.00
Fleck 5000SXT Meter Water Softener 2 1/2 cu ft
Fleck 5000SXT Meter Valve 13x54 Mineral Tank 18x40 Round Salt Tank 2.50 Cu Ft Hi-Capacity Resin, 10% Crosslink Valve-to-Brine Tank Tubing, 6 Ft. x 3/8" Brine Tank 2310 Safety Overflow Assembly
$1,995.00  $1,385.00
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