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we 4-50 Residential RO
WE RO 4 stage 50 gallon per day Residential RO Pure drinking water for the home
$398.00  $275.00
WE 525 w/UV
Reverse Osmosis process where water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving certain unwanted substances behind. Therefore, an RO unit can produce clear, fresh- tasting bottled quality drinking water.
$695.00  $485.00
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The DOW FILMTEC XFRLE-400/34i reverse osmosis element embodies Dow’s latest innovations in treatment of challenging waters with high biological and organic fouling tendencies such as municipal or industrial waste water or challenging surface water.
$995.00  $895.00
Hydranautics CPA3-8
When high performance counts, CPA membranes from Hydranautics set the standard for RO membrane elements. Nominal Capacity GPD: 11,000 Average Rejection %: 99.7 . Operating Pressure: 225PSI
$795.00  $695.00
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